Information for Participants

To Our Attendees (Safety Measures for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19)

The ISH2022 meeting will be held in hybrid format, that is, both on-site (Kyoto International Conference Center) and online live/on-demand, after taking careful measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
The following policies will be applied at the venue in accordance with the Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19, formulated by the Japanese government and Kyoto International Conference Center.
We ask all our attendees for understanding and cooperation in taking precautions against infectious diseases including hand-washing, gargling, and wearing a mask.

To Our Attendees

  • ・Please examine your body temperature every day using a thermography device installed at the venue entrance. (If your temperature is 37.5℃ or higher, we will confirm your temperature with a contact thermometer.)
  • ・Please prepare a mask and wear it in the venue.
  • ・Please fill out required fields of a health check sheet prior to coming. You can download it just before the event. Please submit it to the reception desk staff.
  • ・Please refrain from coming to the venue if you have the body temperature of 37.5℃ or higher, cough, sore throat, fatigue, or other health concerns. If you have been in close contact with a person with COVID-19 and/or if you are/have been a subject to government-enforced immigration restrictions or post-entry observation period within past two weeks.
  • ・Please practice hand-washing, gargling, and cough etiquette.
  • ・Hand sanitizer is provided at the venue. Please cooperate in sufficient infection control.
  • ・Please install the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) on your smartphone.
  • ・If you feel unwell during participation, please do not hesitate and immediately contact the nearest staff member.
  • ・Please note that if someone got infected, personal information of the participants will be requested from the central or local government to prevent the spread of infection; the personal information will be handled with sufficient care.


  • ・Body temperature will be examined by a thermography device at an entrance of the venue.
  • ・Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided.
  • ・Acrylic sheets will be installed at every reception desk to prevent infection.


  • ・Acrylic sheets to prevent infection will be installed at the speaker and chairperson’s platform if a distance of 2 meters or more from the audience seats is difficult to secure.
  • ・Acrylic sheets to prevent infection will be installed at the speaker and chairperson’s platform if a distance of 2 meters or more from the audience seats is difficult to secure.
  • ・Fresh air will be ensured in the hall by the ventilation system.
  • ・All seats in the hall are assumed to be used, but the number of seats may be limited depending on the future infection conditions. Please note that standing in the hall is not allowed.
  • ・Places touched by many unspecified people (door knobs, hand rails, desktops, elevator buttons, etc.) will be timely disinfected with alcohol.

Morning / Luncheon seminars

  • ・Lunch boxes will not be distributed by staff; self-service will be provided instead.
  • ・Please finish your meals fast and put on your mask right away.
  • ・Please refrain from talking during meals.

Gala Dinner

  • ・A communication area will be provided separately from an eating area. Please refrain from talking in the eating area.
  • ・Sufficient space will be provided to avoid crowding.
  • ・Meals will be served individually, and dished out by the chef or service staff as necessary.

Organizers, supporting businesses, operation staffs

  • ・They will perform temperature check, hand-washing, gargling, and alcohol sanitation.
  • ・They will make sure to wear masks in the venue, as well as face shields and vinyl gloves if necessary.
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